Four supplements for pregnant women


Expectant women are highly advised to maintain a diet that is well balanced strictly. This not only has numerous health benefits for the mother, but also for the fetus growing in them. With a very wide range of foods available to choose from, it may turn out to be a challenge for a pregnant woman to decide on which food combinations and supplements are the best for her. If you are a pregnant and wondering which supplements to look out for, consider the following four supplements. If one does not work out for you, try out the next one.

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Research after research has proven that consumption of Vitamin D3 substantially reduces gestational diabetes, a high-risk health condition that faces many pregnant women. Vitamin D3 also helps in the hormonal and bone development of the fetus. Additionally, it supports the mother’s immune system. This way, chances of the fetus contracting any disease are significantly reduced.


This is a very crucial supplement whose importance during pregnancy cannot be stressed enough. Severe deficiency of magnesium leads to preeclampsia, poor fetal growth and even to some extreme cases, fetal death. Regular intake of magnesium supplements during pregnancy aids in the growth of the mom’s body tissues. It also helps in tissue discovery during pregnancy. Magnesium also makes the placenta more porous and permeable, assist the fetus in getting more nutrition from its mother. Magnesium is abundantly found in vegetables such as kales and broccoli. However, care should be taken not to exceed 500 mg a time, unless otherwise directed by your doctor.


A fetus cultures its beneficial gut bacteria during the birth process from its mother as the fetus passes via the birth canal. Probiotic supplements ensure that the fetus gets a good dosage of this beneficial bacteria. This bacteria significantly reduces chances of the new born suffering from meningitis and ear infection in its first years of life. Probiotics also prevent constipation during pregnancy as well as lowers the risks of Group B strep in infants. Probiotics can easily be acquired in chemists and do not require a doctor’s prescription.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil supports brain development in a fetus ansndvsdvsdlvmlsdmvlsmdlvmsldvsldvsd significantly improves the immune system of both the mother and the fetus. It contains iron, which is vital in preventing anemia during pregnancy. Coconut oil also contains an assortment of minerals which are required for milk production. A pregnant woman is advised to take at least two-full tablespoons of coconut oil daily. It can be made raw or added to tea.

A pregnant woman should be very conscious of what they eat. For the mother solely determines the health of the fetus. The above four supplements, if taken, will ensure good health for both the mother and the fetus.

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